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Braemore Estate is situated above 50 kms. North East of Trivandrum, off the Schencotta Road in Nedumangadu Taluk. While Travelling from Trivandrum, at Palode Junction, one needs to take a right turn towards Peringammala, then on to Idinjar and finally one reaches Braemore Estate. Braemore Estate and neighbouring Marigold Estate are a part of the group of plantations including the Travancore Rubber and Tea Company Limited. The Braemore Estate is comprised of about 765 acres raising from about 900 feet above see level at the entrance to about 2200 feet above MSL.
The Estate was originally established by the Europeans in the 1800s and planted with Tea, Rubber, Coffee and other spices. The Britishers built the present Tea Factory in the year 1883 and also built various Bungalows in the Colonial style. The British had realized the beauty of the landscape and have preserved the same for us. The potential of the streams to generate power was also recognized by them and the remnants of a Pelton wheel used for generating power to run the factory can be seen even today at Anatheri water falls.
Braemore Hills shimmers in the mystifying nature enriched by luxuries hill greenery and mist touched hills and valleys and is blessed with numerous streams and water falls. Braemore is a shelter for a wide range of flora and fona.
Tekking through the winding old park ways created by the European planters offers a wide variety of views. So enjoy your stay at Braemore and enjoy 7 Star nature at its best.
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